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Frozen Banana Pudding Bombe

Course Dessert
Cuisine American
Keyword banana-pudding-bombe, frozen-banana-pudding
Prep Time 20 minutes
Freezing time 8 hours
Total Time 8 hours 20 minutes
Servings 8 slices
Author Melissa Sperka


  • 1 11 oz box vanilla wafers roughly crushed and divided
  • 1 3.4 oz box instant banana cream pudding
  • 1 3.4 oz box instant vanilla pudding
  • 3 ½ cups whole milk
  • 1 tsp pure vanilla extract
  • 3 medium bananas sliced
  • 1 cup semi sweet chocolate chips
  • ½ cup heavy cream
  • 8 oz frozen whipped topping
  • Chocolate drizzle: [Optional]
  • 1 cup semi-sweet chocolate chips
  • ½ cup heavy cream


  • Line the bottom and sides of a loaf pan with wax paper or plastic wrap. Straighten as smoothly as possible. Leave around 8 inches of overhang.
  • Roughly crush the vanilla wafers and divided into 4 equal portions.
  • Whip together the banana cream pudding, vanilla pudding, milk and vanilla extract until thickened but still pourable.
  • To assemble, sprinkle ¼ of the vanilla wafers on the bottom of the dish. Top with 1 banana, sliced. Spread ½ of the banana pudding on top. Repeat. crushed vanilla wafers, sliced banana and the remaining pudding. Top with the 3rd layer of crushed vanilla wafers and the third layer of banana slices
  • To finish, melt the chocolate chips and cream in the microwave in 20 second increments stopping to stir each time. Spread over the last layer of banana slices and sprinkle with the remaining vanilla wafer crumbs.
  • Gently fold the wax paper over the top and secure. Freeze overnight.
  • One hour before serving, Run warm water on the bottom and sides of the loaf pan. Do not let water get into the dessert.
  • Unfold the wax paper, and place an oblong serving platter over the top. Flip the banana pudding bombe over and center on the serving platter. Carefully remove the wax paper.
  • Frost the top and sides with whipped topping and garnish with crushed vanilla wafers 1 hour in advance.
  • Slice and serve drizzled with additional warm chocolate ganache, if desired.
  • To prepare the drizzle: Melt 1 cup of semi-sweet chocolate chips in the microwave with ½ cup of cream. Heat in 20 second increments stopping to stir each time. Repeat until completely smooth. Drizzle over each slice, if desired just before serving.


a) I recommend using whipped topping for this dessert due to the stability.
b) Set aside 2 vanilla wafers to crush and use for garnishing the top after frosting.