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100 of the Best Christmas Cookies

Published November 27th 2020, Updated November 25th 2022

There’s nothing more exciting than freshly baked cookies to kick-off the holiday season. This year is the perfect opportunity to host an in-person or a virtual cookie swap with friends, neighbors and loved ones near and far. I’m here to help, so today I’m sharing tips and a checklist to get you started. This yummy collection featuring 100 of the Best Christmas Cookies is the only recipe resource you’ll need.


How to Plan a Cookie Swap with 100 of the Best Christmas Cookies Recipes

  • First things first, decide what works best for both you and your guests and what dates they’re available. Depending on the location of your guests, decide if  you’re hosting an in-person event or a virtual cookie swap.
  • Pick a theme, make a guest list and invite participants at least 2-3 weeks in advance. The more the merrier!
  • Share the link to this collection of 100 of the Best Christmas Cookies and each person can choose their favorite cookie recipe to make.
  • What is a virtual cookie swap? Instead of meeting in person, plan an online event where you can chat and swap recipes digitally. If you’re far apart geographically, you can choose to bake together live and then mail your goodies.
  • Send out instructions on how the cookie swap will work and pick an RSVP date so you can plan. Ask the type of cookie each person will be contributing to ensure that you’ll have a variety of flavors with no overlap. It’s also helpful to know how many cookies will be featured. This will give ample time for everyone to plan.
  • Pick a number of cookies to share. Ask each participant to bake an equal amount of cookies for every person in the group. For example, if 10 bakers are participating, and the share number is one dozen each, they’ll need to bake a total of 120 cookies for the group. The amount of cookies each contributes can be adjusted to any amount that you wish.
  • If you’re hosting the cookie swap at your home, plan your menu in advance. You’ll want to make sure all of your decorations are holiday themed and have Mulled Cider or a festive holiday punch for sipping.
  • Since all of the cookies are sweet have some appetizers to balance the tasting that are savory and easy to handle. My Peppered Herb Pimiento Cheese Ball or Beef and Cheddar Cheeseball with crackers can both be made in advance. You can never go wrong with my Million Dollar Dip or baked Italian Spinach Artichoke Dip. My Praline Pecan Brie en Croute is a holiday favorite.
  • Depending on your situation, you may choose to opt for a separate location or drive thru swap at a chosen designation. Likewise, you may choose to mail your baked cookies and holiday creations if you’re hosting a virtual cookie swap with those who aren’t nearby.
  • A third option you could consider, each participant would deliver on a designated day. You could arrange to leave carefully wrapped cookies in a safe place for the family to collect, such as a covered porch area. By the end of the delivery day, each participant should have several varieties of cookies to enjoy. Go with the plan that’s most feasible and convenient, for your individual situation.
  • Ask your guests to share the source of their recipes to reference. You could make a digital cookbook of the event as a keepsake.
  • Each guest should share tips regarding their cookie recipe. Things such as, these cookies are best eaten within a week, stored in an airtight container or refrigerated.
  • Be extra careful, and consider any dietary needs and limitations for those participating. Practice good hand washing and surface cleaning while preparing your contributions.
  • Should you choose to host a live online baking event or hosting an in person gathering in your home, set the mood with music. Choose a music playlist in advance that you can all enjoy.
  • If mailing cookies is your delivery option, it’s important to choose recipes that are shelf stable and don’t require refrigeration.
  • Encourage your participants to bake extra to share with local first responders, to show their appreciation for their hard work and dedication.

Please Note How to Navigate the List 100 of the Best Christmas Cookies Recipes

To get each recipe click the link of the recipe name. The recipes are listed in order starting at the large top left corner image. Then they go from left to right in each row, ending with the large image in the bottom right corner. If you see one you’d like to make, find the direct link to the recipes under each set of images. 


  1. Chocolate Dipped Pecan Lace Cookies
  2. Cinnamon Roll Cookies
  3. Cranberry Ginger Pistachio Sugar Cookies
  4. Apple Cider Cookies
  5. Soft & Chewy Gingersnap Cookies
  6. Toasted Coconut Straw Hat Cookies
  7. Butter Toffee Cookies with Chocolate Chips
  8. Chocolate Frosted Christmas Cookies
  9. Cherry Christmas Cookies
  10. Flourless Chocolate Cookies



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Merry Christmas to you all!

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