25 After School Snacks

At this time of year when school starts back the daily routine and the activity level of kids and their Parents kicks into high gear.  It seems that healthy appetites seem to follow close behind.  
25 After School Snacks on Melissa's Southern Style Kitchen
Checkout this round-up filled with ideas for your hungry back-to-school eaters.  There's something included for everyone to enjoy. 

10 Amazing Appetizers For Your Labor Day Celebration

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10 Amazing Appetizers for Labor Day

Labor Day is widely considered to be the last big celebration of  Summer.  As you plan your menu don't forget to leave plenty of room for mouthwatering  starters to entertain your guests while they're waiting  for the main event.

Prepare to drool as you scroll through the gallery of  delicious appetizers  to kick-start your Labor Day celebration.

Double Chocolate Coconut Zucchini Cake

Zucchini cakes, breads and muffins are a fantastic way to get the non-veggie eaters to enjoy zucchini without a challenge.  They likely won't even know zucchini is in this cake.  I've never been one to hide food from my children.  However, I do love getting them to try a dessert with a "secret" ingredient. The fun part is watching the looks on their faces when they realize what's in one of their favorite desserts and how tasty it can be.

The zucchini adds nutrition to this chocolate indulgence without taking over the flavor of the chocolate and coconut combination.  If you're not a coconut fan, this cake can also be made without it with no other adjustments needed.  It's rich and decadent and you'll feel a little less guilty eating a vegetable with your dessert.

Tomato Jam

It seems like tomatoes in the Summer tend to come in with a vengeance.  I didn't plant tomatoes this year, but, never fear, I have the most magnificent neighbors!  It's not unusual for me to come home to a front porch packed with fresh vegetables and a sweet note attached.  It's a glorious feeling.

In exchange, many of the goodies you see here on my website are shared with them, too.  It's a mutually beneficial relationship that we have.  If you've never thought of using extra tomatoes for making jam or chutney here's your chance.  This tasty tomato jam, can be used as a spread for cream cheese slathered toast, or as a condiment for beef, chicken, fish or pork.  I've even used this as a topping for chicken tacos...scrumptious!  You can keep this in the fridge tightly sealed for 1 week or even longer, honestly if stored properly.  That is, if it lasts that long.

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