10 Easy Weeknight Dinners To Simplify Mealtime

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10 Easy Weeknight Dinners To Simplify Mealtime

At this time of year, back-to-school often means hectic evenings for busy families.  Weeknight dinners don't have to be complicated or time consuming to be good.

Choose from this list of simple weeknight meals and take the stress out of your back-to-school dinner preparation.

Banana Split Lush

This banana split lush is very similar to a banana split icebox cake my Mom used to make for us when we were kids.  It was always a big hit and a true crowd pleaser.  It's one of those desserts that would be perfect for picnics, office parties, potluck meals or special family gatherings.

It's lush and decadent but uber easy to make.  This dessert is a fantastic way to enjoy all of the things we love about banana splits.  It's fun to make and eat and as an added bonus it's insanely delicious.

Crockpot Barbecue Pork and Beans

I know what you're thinking, you can buy canned prepared pork and beans anywhere.  I use them too occasionally for convenience and to save time.  However, making them from scratch is something everyone should do at least once in their lives to really taste the difference.  The texture of the beans becomes almost buttery when the beans are soaked overnight and cooked from scratch.

These beans are cooked with pork ribs which when broken into pieces gives tender chunks of pork for your hungry eaters to enjoy. My family would be perfectly happy with this pot of pork and beans and a pan of hot buttered cornbread. Perhaps adding some sweet corn on the cob and green onions to sprinkle on top to complete the meal.  I must admit I would, too.  It's not fancy food, but, it's filling family pleasin' food.  The best.

Candy Bar Pretzel Cookies

Warm cookies and a tall glass of cold milk just never gets old.  I think it's one of those small pleasures in life that should be savored.  These homemade candy bar pretzel cookies are fantastic for the salty and sweet fans.  They're loaded with peanuts, candy bar pieces and pretzels.  Oh, and of course there's chocolate.

Another perk is when using the freshest of dairy products, you can make this cookie dough in advance, then refrigerate it tightly sealed for up to 1 week.  Then you have the pleasure of baking fresh cookies when you're ready to enjoy them.  The smell of homemade cookies baking can only be eclipsed by the first bite of warm, chewy and sweet goodness.  Heavenly.

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