Mexican Peppered Sliders and Tomatillo Sauce

My friends at Rhodes Bread Company sent this slider recipe for me to try.  I thought it was a fun twist on sliders using Rhodes White Dinner Rolls in place of buns.   The fresh tomatillo sauce adds such a nice twist to the normal garnishes with an unexpected sweet and spicy twist.

I prepared these with ground beef, but ground turkey or chicken would work well, too.  These tasty
Mexican peppered sliders are perfect for game day or any day when small bites are on the menu.  

Slow Cooked Cheesy Ranch Potatoes

Today on Parade

Fix-it And Forget It - 
Make Cheesy Ranch Potatoes In Your Slow Cooker

I often refer to my slow cooker as my personal chef.  While I'm busy running errands and taking care of my daily tasks my slow cooker is slaving away all day in the kitchen.  There's nothing quite like coming home to a dish that's ready for you when you're  ready to eat.  

This delectable side dish will compliment most entrees turning any meal into a hearty feast for you and your family to enjoy.  Scroll through the gallery on Parade for step-by-step instructions and see how simple it is to make these Cheesy Ranch Potatoes in your slow cooker.

Beef Pot Pie with Cheddar-Onion Biscuits

September has been declared National Biscuit month.   I think that's a mighty good thing to celebrate, too.  Buttermilk biscuits are also known as our beloved house bread of the South. I can't remember a single time when my Mom and Gramma's didn't have biscuits on the table to go with our meals. In particular at breakfast, however, they were also served as bread at other meals and make a tasty biscuit sandwich, if you are so inclined.

I have fond memories of seeing the kitchen counter covered in flour and my Mom rolling and cutting biscuits for our meal.  There was always butter and a variety of jellies and jams, and in the Summer fresh from the garden sliced tomatoes to dress our biscuits.  Biscuits here in the South tend to be more savory but, sweet biscuits or scones, are popular too. They're delectable. Homemade cheddar-onion drop biscuits make the perfect topping for this hearty beef pot pie.  It's a one dish meal packed with the kind of comfort that's sure to please your hungry eaters.

Salted Toffee Pumpkin Spice Fudge

Pumpkin fudge is a true seasonal delicacy.  It's high on my list of favorite ways to use the flavor of pumpkin in desserts.  In my opinion, pumpkin has many uses and shouldn't just be limited to traditional pie.  Don't misunderstand, I love pumpkin pie, but, there are so many other ways to enjoy it, too.

It never fails, as soon as Labor Day passes pumpkin starts showing up in coffee shops, pastry shops and cafes everywhere.  It's always been a welcome sight for me.  If you've never tried it in the form of fudge, I'm happy to share my recipe with you featuring a sweet and salty toffee twist.  It's superb.

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