Baked Squash Parmesan

I'm always looking for uses for squash especially when it's abundantly available.  This casserole, is sort of a take on Eggplant Parmesan using yellow squash that's baked like a gratin instead of fried.

If you like, this casserole works equally well using zucchini or a mix of yellow squash and zucchini.  The crispy topping and gooey cheese give it the perfect combination and balance.  It's a tasty side dish that's main course worthy. 

Sweet Peach Tea

Today on Parade - Sweet Peach Tea
Sweet tea is widely considered to be the house wine of the South.  When peaches are at their peak,  you can enjoy this  fruity warm weather specialty combining sweet tea with the favored fruit of Summer.  For the best results choose peaches that are sightly soft to the touch and fragrant.   Peach tea can be sweetened  to your taste and the amount can vary slightly depending on the sweetness of the peaches. 

Chill to allow the flavors to combine then pour over frozen peach slices just before serving.  It's a genuine treat to cool down those hot Summer days.  

Beer Battered Onion Rings

My family are onion ring aficionados.  If they're on the menu, we order them.  I have a lighter, oven fried Firecracker Onion Ring version here on my blog that we enjoy very much, but once in a while when we want to splurge, we go the deep fried route.

It's a perfect marriage pairing this beer batter and large sweet rings of onion.  Serve them with a spicy dipping sauce and you can make restaurant specials in your own kitchen.

Fiesta Turkey Club Sub

On warm days or busy days, there's nothing simpler and better than a filling sandwich to set the world on course. My family enjoys taking a classic flavor combination and transforming it into a feast to be enjoyed as a mega-sub for those days we want to simplify supper preparation.

Being diehard fans of all things spicy we decided to take a classic turkey club and kick it up a bit by changing-up the toppings. To start, we dress this fiesta turkey club sub with an insanely delicious topping made by mixing mayonnaise and Mezzetta Sandwich Spread Jalapeno with Mexican Style Cheese.  Add creamy avocado, spicy deli turkey, sweet Mezzetta Deli-Sliced Red Pepper Strips and peppered bacon to take this sub over-the-top. It's a crowd pleasing masterpiece.

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