25 Brunch Dishes To Wow Your Easter Guests

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25 Easter Brunch Dishes

Easter morning is the perfect occasion to host a fabulous brunch celebration with your loved ones.  Show your family and friends special love this Easter with one of these scrumptious brunch dishes.

Carrot Cake Poke Cake

Poke cakes are traditionally made using a boxed cake mix.  I most often bake completely from scratch but, I dearly love the idea of poke cakes and love making them, too.  They make me feel warm and fuzzy inside.  Go figure?  Bakers of all skill levels can be successful making this type of cake.  I think it's due to the ease of preparation that also makes them a perfect choice for a potluck event or a Holiday gathering when you need to be able to accommodate a crowd.

Poke cakes need to sit overnight so, make this one the night before your special day.  If preferred you can wait and frost the top the day you want to serve it.  If you're in the mood to bake and would like to make a special cake for Easter with little fuss, this carrot cake poke cake is for you.

Cobb Macaroni Salad

Pasta salads like this Cobb Macaroni Salad can be served as a side dish or as a light meal.  In fact, I love serving this on a bed of mixed salad greens as a main dish. My family sees this sitting in the fridge and it magically becomes a quick meal or between meal snack.  So, is it versatile? Yes. Delicious? Absolutely!

I like to use jumbo elbow macaroni for this pasta salad for the hefty size and ridges that give the dressing something to cling to.  It can serve 12 as a side dish but, if you're planning on serving it as a main dish, consider the appetites of those you're serving, and count on about 6-8 servings.  It's a favorite make-ahead entertaining dish and I love it to the very last bite.

Caramel Apple Dutch Baby

Dutch baby also known as German pancakes are such a special treat. It's one of my favorite brunch dishes to make in place of pancakes.  This skillet caramel apple filled pancake will serve 8 and I particularly love that no two Dutch babies look the same.  Each one bakes into it's own unique shape.

Ideally, it should be made in a cast iron skillet, but, if you don't have one, substitute with a heavy bottomed skillet similar in size.  Bring the eggs and milk to room temperature before making the batter also seems to allow the Dutch baby to puff up more quickly.  When adding the caramel apples back to the batter, leave a 2 inch border around the edge so, the edges will become puffy and golden. Serve dusted with powdered sugar or a drizzle of maple syrup for the ultimate in Dutch baby love.

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