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25 Holiday Breakfast Ideas

Prepping for the holidays just got easier with this mouthwatering collection of 25 Holiday Breakfast Ideas. Have fun scrolling through the pictures in this delectable lineup and plan your breakfast and brunch menu today. This collection is guaranteed to get your special day started Southern style. Whether your preference is a casserole, pull apart bread, gravy and biscuits or sweet rolls this round-up of ideas has got it all!

25 Holiday Breakfast Ideas

When the holidays roll around entertaining goes into high gear.  Start your celebration right with these tantalizing breakfast and brunch ideas that are dressed to impress. On busy holiday mornings, it’s nice for the host and hostess to be able to enjoy the festivities too. That’s precisely the inspiration for this delectable collection of  brunch and breakfast recipes. Any dish that can be prepared in advance can only serve to add to the fun for everyone. There’s something to suit everyone’s taste in this mouthwatering round-up. See how to make the most of your Dining Room Space and Decorating Ideas here on BHG.

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1 Belgian Waffles

These Fluffy Belgian Waffles can be topped with fresh berries and cream or simply served with butter and maple syrup. Get the Belgian Waffles Recipe Here.

Belgian Waffles with fruit

2 Homemade Hash Browns

Serve these crispy hash browns as a side dish with scrambled or fried eggs, sausage, bacon and more. Get the Homemade Hash Browns Recipe Here.


3 Praline Pecan Monkey Bread

This ooey gooey decadent monkey bread is next level. It’s perfectly sharable and delicious to the last bite! Get the Praline Pecan Monkey Bread Recipe Here.

12 Creative Takes On Monkey Bread

4 Egg Benedict

This classic recipe features a hollandaise sauce that’s made in a blender. It’s impressive and always a winner for special breakfast gatherings. Get the Eggs Benedict Recipe Here.

Eggs Benedict-25-holiday-breakfast-ideas

5 Asiago Cheese Italian Sausage Strata

This classy casserole features Asiago cheese for a pop of flavor. Assemble it in advance and bake it just before serving. Get the Asiago Cheese Italian Sausage Strata Recipe Here.

Recipe For Asiago Cheese And Italian Sausage Strata

6 Crockpot Breakfast Casserole

Assemble this hearty casserole in the crockpot and let it do the rest. Get the Crockpot Breakfast Casserole Recipe Here.


Image Map

7 Ham and Egg Bubble Up

This rich and delicious bubble up is a cinch to make. It’s a tasty way to use leftover holiday ham for a round two meal. Get the Ham and Egg Bubble Up Recipe Here.

Ham and Egg Bubble Up

8 Caramel Apple Dutch Baby

Baking pancakes is believed to be a technique brought to America by immigrants. The baking technique has stuck and this caramel apple version of oven pancakes is a must make! Get the Caramel Apple Dutch Baby Recipe Here.

Caramel Apple Dutch Baby-25-holiday-breakfast-ideas

9 Sausage Egg and Hash Brown Biscuit Bake

This casserole features everything we love about breakfast in every bite. There’s sausage, eggs, hash browns and biscuits! Get the Sausage Egg and Cheese Hash Brown Bake Here.

Sausage Egg And Hash Brown Biscuit Bake

10 Cheesy Cheddar Grits

These cheesy grits are a fabulous base for any and all of your favorite breakfast fixings. You could even adapt this recipe using other flavors of cheese. Get the Cheesy Cheddar Grits Recipe Here.

Cheesy Cheddar Grits

11 Fluffy Southern Buttermilk Biscuits

This biscuit recipe is a sure fire winner! Serve this house bread of the South at any meal. Get the Fluffy Southern Buttermilk Biscuits Recipe Here.

Baked Fluffy Southern Buttermilk Biscuits in a skillet

12 Cranberry Orange Scones

The dough for these scones feature dried cranberries and fresh orange zest. Serve them fresh from the oven with preserves and creme fraiche or whipped cream. Get the Cranberry Orange Scones Recipe Here.

Cranberry Orange Scones Recipe

13 Easy Sausage Quiche

This sausage quiche is a fan favorite. Not only is it simple to make, it’s incredibly delicious. Get the Easy Sausage Quiche Recipe Here.


14 Buttermilk Biscuits and Sausage Gravy

This Southern classic is always a welcome sight on the breakfast table. Get the Buttermilk Biscuits and Sausage Gravy Recipe Here.

Buttermilk Biscuits And Sausage Gravy

15 Banana Bread Muffins

These tender and flavorful banana muffins are like comfort food for breakfast. Serve them with your favorite flavored coffee or cup of hot tea. Get the Banana Bread Muffins Recipe Here.


16 Ham and Cheese Hash Brown Brunch Bake

This casserole is filled with hash browns and ham all smothered with a rich egg custard and tons of cheese. Get the recipe for Ham and Cheese Hash Brown Brunch Bake Here.

Recipe For Ham and Cheese Hash Brown Brunch Bake

17 Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Pancakes

These pancakes are a riff on oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. It comes with the bonus of being perfectly acceptable to eat cookie flavors for breakfast! Get the Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Pancakes Recipe Here.

stacked Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Pancakes

18 Sheet Pan French Toast

French Toast is a real crowd pleaser. In this recipe I’ll show you an oven technique that’s a busy morning game changer. Get the Sheet Pan French Toast Recipe Here.

Sheet Pan French Toast toped with fruit and maple syrup

19 Baked French Eggs

These eggs are made in a cupcake pan topped with a simple drizzle of heavy cream and a light sprinkle of Parmesan cheese. Get the Baked French Eggs Recipe Here.

How To Make Baked French Eggs

20 Cinnamon Streusel Coffee Cake

This scrumptious coffee cake features a streusel topping that’s also swirled through the batter. Get the Cinnamon Streusel Coffee Cake Recipe Here.


21 Stuffed Ham Egg and Cheese Biscuits

The homemade biscuit dough for these biscuits has a tasty surprise hidden inside. Get the Stuffed Ham Egg and Cheese Biscuits Recipe Here.

Stuffed Ham Egg And Cheese Biscuits in a skillet

22 Western Omelet Quiche

This quiche recipe combines everything you love about a western omelet and bakes it in a pastry shell. Get the Western Omelet Quiche Recipe Here.

Western Omelet Quiche

23 Praline Pecan French Toast Casserole

This buttery french toast casserole is perfection for busy holiday morning. Simply assemble an chill it overnight and it’s ready to bake when you’re ready to eat. Get the Praline Pecan French Toast Casserole Recipe Here.


24 Breakfast Sausage

The beauty of making your own sausage is you can tweak the seasonings to your taste. This sausage is so tasty you won’t need to! Get the Breakfast Sausage Recipe Here.


25 Open Faced Egg and Canadian Bacon Rolls

These open faced egg rolls are super simple to make. Assemble them then bake and serve and watch them disappear. Get the Open Faced Egg and Canadian Bacon Rolls Recipe here.

Open Faced Egg and Canadian Bacon Rolls

I hope you enjoy these 25 Holiday Breakfast Ideas!

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